Umunthu Collection

Umunthu Collection

Umunthu meaning ‘integrity’ in the mother tongue of Malawi – Chichewa. The creator of these amazing pieces is Patrick Maulana, born and bred in Malawi and a school teacher by profession. He was taught to weave by an Indonesian man and decided when he moved to Cape Town, he would use this newly acquired skill to support his family. A skill he became very good at – testament to this are our light pendants and stools.  I’ve used the word ‘integrity’ as the items are made with integrity, the actual pieces have integrity against the elements, and here at W E E V, everything we do is with integrity!!
These pieces are all handwoven by Patrick from HDPE plastic, a plastic recycled over and over again, with a 3 year UV resistant quality to it. It’s also waterproof so these items make for the perfect outdoor features. As mentioned, integrity against the elements.
lamp Pendants

Meet the artisan

Patrick Maulana

My name is Patrick Maulana and I was born in Malawi. I am married and have 3 children.
I started weaving when I was in a Teacher Training College
A Catholic Missionary, an Indonesian man by the name of Brother Martin Dario who was my creative arts tutor taught me how to weave. 
My dream is to set up a creative arts school where I will teach the less privileged youth, mostly orphans, this art. I am supporting my family using my skills.


I enjoy weaving because I discovered that it has the potential to make other people excited. I like making people happy when they look at my work.