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Wall Hangings

Beaded Binga Baskets

Meet the artisans

My name is Sheillah July, a Zimbabwean single mother of one son.
I was born in a family of 2 boys and 3 girls and I am the last born. 
Because I love colours, through painting I am able to express myself. What I like most about working at W E E V is I’m able to do my hobby and earn extra money. I am saving to build a home in Zimbabwe for my son. 
I wish to see myself amongst many different artists and for our painted baskets to be recognized World wide.


My name is Nomathemba and I am from the Langquosi Tribe.
Nomathemba is our motivated, creative, and resourceful artisan who patiently beads her mother’s Xhosa baskets one bead at a time.


Nomathemba’s mother never attended school, and when she was young, she was taught the skill of weaving using strong reeds called Ingculu. Soon thereafter Nomathemba’s mother was selling her baskets on the roadside by Kei River. 
When Nomathemba finished school in 2013, she wondered if beading the edges of the baskets may help to sell more. Her incredible skill, foresight, and hard work, continues to support her family today. 
Lets appreciate her baskets knowing exactly the journey and hard work behind each piece.